Kiev regional center of plastic surgery


Plastic surgeons high professionalism of of the Kiev regional surgery centre recognized in Europe.
Lead surgeon of the Plastic Surgery Centre Levitsky Roman became one of the leading plastic surgeon in the major plastic surgery clinics in Germany. It's Proaesthetic clinic in Heidelberg.

We are glad to welcome you on a site of Kiev regional center of plastic surgery.

Kiev regional center of plastic surgery is created on the basis of multifield Kiev regional clinical hospital which incorporates 22 department on the basis of which works 11 faculties of Ukrainian colleges

The center of plastic surgery at present is the only thing in Ukraine the medical establishment, specializing on questions rejuvenation face and bodies.

Feature of work of center is the individual approach to each patient, in view of his anatomic particularly. Annually by doctors of plastic surgery Clinic making more than thousand operations on correction of age changes of appearance.

The greater clinical and diagnostic material and human resources of hospital allows to provide comprehensively examination of patients in brief terms, with attraction of adjacent experts.

The License AG (АГ) #603684 Ministry of Health of Ukraine from 14.11.2011.

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Director of clinic: Levytskyy Roman Myronovych

Director of clinic: Levytskyy Roman Myronovych unique of the Ukrainian surgeons has finished two-year-old clinical internship on faculty of plastic and aesthetic surgery of the St.-Petersburg medical academy and second education, having received thus, base formation on plastic and aesthetic surgery.

The surgeon with a 19-years practical experience. The unique plastic surgeon in Ukraine, having the right to perform plastic operations not only in Ukraine, but also abroad..

Levytskyy Roman pass special qualification exam in 2013 and has been invited as lead plastic surgeon to one of the best Germany clinic Proaesthetic - Heidelberg.

Since 2015 doing surgery in AOZ plastic surgery clinic Düsseldorf , Germany

Trained and practiced various foreign countries. Unique from the Ukrainian surgeons initially specializing especially on plastic and aesthetic surgery

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